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Dr. Thomas Kay MD, ABFM

I am a Board Certified Family Medicine physician who has been practicing for more than 20 years, taking care of newborns to century-ians.

Doctor /docere/ (latin) “to teach

My goal is to come along side you and teach you how to take care of your health

I went to medical school here and finished my residency here. I have been working in the ER for over 20 years and started my private practice in 2016. After practicing conventional medicine for so long I became very aware of the breakdown of the doctor-patient relationship and the damage it has done. I see Functional Medicine as a comprehensive outlook and plan that works towards keeping patients from getting sick instead of just monitoring systems. I have seen lives changed through this type of medicine and I work hard everyday towards repairing that doctor-patient relationship and giving my patients the time and attention they need.

~ Dr. Thomas Kay

Let’s get you healthy together.

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